Our organization has more than 4,500 employees, spread over 6 branches. Our greatest strength is the combination of all our different expertise. The connection between our people is essential. By visiting each other and exchanging ideas, new insights and opportunities arise that we are happy to use to help entrepreneurs, policymakers and each other.

We strive for a culture of equality and safety, where you can be who you are. Where you are focused on your unique qualities and where you are stimulated to further develop your talents.

In order to make our workforce a better reflection of society, we focus on the target groups women, bi-cultural employees, young people, the elderly and people with an occupational disability. We want more women in the 3 management layers, at least 30%. Currently 23% of top management is female and 37% of middle management. The male-female ratio is currently 50.5% male and 49.5% female.

There is also attention from various employee networks on themes such as LGBT (the Pink RVO network), young employees (Young RVO) and colleagues with an occupational disability (Peculiar).